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TWIRLS: Treating Waste for Restoring Land Sustainability

Land Restoration

Our project will look at several examples of land degradation and techniques for ecological restoration.

The Society for Ecological Restoration defines ecological restoration as:

the process of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged, or destroyed’.

Source: (Society for Ecological Restoration International Science & Policy Working Group. 2004. The SER International Primer on Ecological Restoration. www.ser.com and Tucson: Society for Ecological Restoration International.)

Land degradation types considered in the TWIRLS project:

  • Slate quarry with no native topsoil near Snowdonia National Park, N. Wales
  • Urban brownfield site soil contaminated with VOCs (volatile organic compounds) close to a RAMSAR site in N. Wales
  • Black schist mine with waterlogging and compaction in Parnitha National Park, Athens, Greece.
  • Traditionally restored colliery acidic spoil, Wales.

This lake in Parc Oglio Sud, Italy, used by fisherman and picnic-ers, is an example of how areas disturbed during peat extraction can be restored.

photo: Julie Williamson